The power of minorities
can change the world.

The Minority Business Office of Colorado has a plan for your business to grow and have a social and economic impact on the lives of many people.

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Business development

Unlock the power of entrepreneurship with the expert guidance of The Minority Business Office (MBO). Harness your professional knowledge and ignite your business dreams. MBO empowers you to navigate the world of business with precision and purpose, paving the way for success and growth.


MBE certification provides advantages such as bidding on contracts, accessing resources, visibility in directories, leveling the playing field, subcontracting opportunities, and collaborations with certified companies. While it doesn’t guarantee contracts, it increases chances of success in loans and government contracts.

Largest ethnic groups in Colorado:

White (Hispanic)
Black or African American
+ 0 %
Out of the population of the USA, a portion consists of minorities.
$ 0 B
Minority-owned businesses generated in the USA.
+ 0
Years supporting minority businesses
+ 0 M
Of minority-owned businesses in the country.
+ 0 M
Minority-owned businesses generated over 8.7 million jobs.
0 %
Of businesses in the United States are minority-owned.

Being part of this business adventure will allow you to participate in many business environments.

This program provides technical assistance and small grants to Colorado small businesses to help businesses legally establish themselves.

The program provides online learning modules along with personalized expert consultation, and grants of varying amounts.

This program provides a peek into resources available through our partners at the World Trade Center Denver to reach international markets.

This program provides loans to Colorado entrepreneurs and small business owners.

This directory is Colorado’s most comprehensive database of certified minority-owned businesses.

Minority groups

Black Americans

In the rhythm of resilience, African Americans paint the canvas of history, blending their vibrant tones to create a symphony of strength and cultural brilliance through successful enterprises.

Hispanic/ Latino Americans

Latino entrepreneurs infuse their passion and heritage into the fabric of the business world, creating prosperous enterprises that resonate with cultural richness, driving innovation and economic growth with "sabor y alegría".

Native Americans

Entrepreneurs rooted in ancestral wisdom, nurturing enterprises that honor traditions, empower communities, and ignite economic growth, harmonizing heritage and innovation for a prosperous future.

Asian Pacific Americans

Catalysts of innovation, their enterprising spirit transcends borders, shaping vibrant businesses that bridge cultures, fuel economic growth, and inspire a global tapestry of success.

Subcontinent Asian Americans

Masters of entrepreneurial fusion, blending ancient wisdom and contemporary innovation, driving thriving businesses that redefine success with cultural richness and global influence.


Unleashing their boundless potential, they shatter glass ceilings, weaving success stories in the fabric of business. With resilience and vision, they redefine industries, empowering generations to thrive and lead with compassion and strength.


Breaking barriers, their rainbow-colored entrepreneurship creates inclusive spaces and progressive enterprises. With authenticity and pride, they redefine business norms, fostering innovation and empowering diverse voices, driving a vibrant and equal future.

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